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New Student Information System Transition & Launch

Update: The launch of the new MySCU is expected on July 27, 2020.  Please check back for updates.

Digital Transformation is here and is planned to launch approximately July 27th!  We will start the transition to our new student information system (J1) on July 2nd.  During this time frame (July 2 to approximately July 27), you will not have access to the Online Student Services (which provides many of your transactions today) but will have access the current MySCU.  For specific details, see timelines below:

Prior to July 2nd: 

  • All current systems are fully operational.
  • If you think that you might need a copy of your unofficial transcript, this would be a great time to print one.

July 2nd- Approximately July 27:

  • Following links on the current MySCU site will still be accessible.
  • Following services on Online Student Services system will not be available.
    • Unofficial Transcripts
    • Financial Aid
    • Making a payment
    • Viewing my schedule
  • If you need to make a payment contact Student Accounts
  • If you need registrar assistance contact the Registrar’s Office
  • If you need financial aid assistance contact the Financial Aid Office

Go Live- Tentatively July 27th:

  • New mySCU deployed
    • A link to the previous version of MySCU will be available on the new site. 
    • Following links on the new mySCU site will be accessible.
    • Following services are now operational.
      • Unofficial Transcripts
      • Financial Aid
      • Making a payment
      • Viewing my schedule
      • Plus more!

We are excited for this Digital Transformation and the enhanced level of services it will bring to your educational experience.  With any major system upgrade, there can be hiccups along the way.  We are aware that this transition is happening at the same time as the scheduled Limited Campus Opening on July 13th. The timeline was set several months ago and is not able to be altered. We are taking necessary steps to ensure we continue to serve your financial aid, registrar, and student account needs during this transition. Some processes may temporarily be paper based until the new, fully modernized system is brought online.  Please be patient as we make these advancements with you in mind.